Welcome to the F.E. Warren AFB Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and Heritage Museum web site. The museum is located at F.E. Warren AFB, just west of Cheyenne Wyoming. The Museum is in historic Building 31, which was the built as the second hospital in 1887.  The two-fold mission of the museum is reflected in our exhibits.  The exhibits tell the story of the complex development of the Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic  Missiles and the very rich heritage of the base from 1867 to present day.   The base is presently listed on the National Register as a Historic site with three historic districts, and over 200 structures individually listed on the register dating between 1885 and 1930.  The oldest structures are the “Doll Houses,” built in 1885, and are called this due to having only 2,500 square feet, whereas the Duplex housing has about 5, 600 square feet and the single officer’s houses are over 6,000 square feet.

Today, F. E. Warren is remembered as a Cavalry Post, but this base has been home to many different units over the years.  The first unit to arrive was the 30th Infantry.  A month later, the 2nd Cavalry arrived.  At the turn of the twentieth century the base housed the 76th Field Artillery.  The Military Medical Units have a long heritage directly tied to this base.

Note1: The museum is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.. Please see our hours and procedures.
Note2: Genealogy Researchers, there are no personnel or old unit records kept on this installation.  You must contact the National Archives, in Washington D.C. Thank You

Visiting the Museum

Please contact the museum for information/special tours. Also, all non military members desiring to visit the museum will need to contact the museum for availability and access due to security measures.  This is at minimum a 72 hours business day requirement prior to the visit to the museum if you are a U.S.A citizen. If you are a foreign national it will take 90 days. Information will be required in order to visit that is submitted through the 90th Missile Wing Security Forces security check process.

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